Live Horse Racing Events

Our aim is to use the live horse racing events and have them accessable to members of our group.

The community will decide the future of the project but we have a few ideas to put to the group which will be very profitable. A few ideas are memberships for members or opening crypto betting facilities in race courses.

Once all the collections are reunited and their great wealth retrieved, the community will be able to celebrate on our virtual owners club and trackside on The Sandbox or Decentraland (We'll let you decide the future of the project).

Beyond having a place to meet, we really want to enter the future by investing in the creation of new projects where each of your NFTs will have its use, primarily for the use of horse racing events.

A whole new world will be created in the Metaverse to bring together the new generation of investors, entrepreneurs and celebrities. This will allow us to unite around common values. You will be able to develop your projects with a dedicated fund and take part in the development of new ones.

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