Simplified Roadmap

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Meet us now at the starting stalls before it's too late!

The NFT Horse Club will consist of 3 phases.

This 1st phase is a low supply collection of 1000 High Quality NFTs in order to considerable increase the Floor Price of this first phase after mint.

The 2nd phase will be a supply collection of 5000 High Quality NFTs with extra distinctive quality features to increase the price of rarity. All original holders of the 1st phase will receive a FREE NFT for phase 2 whether they choose to sell on or not. 1000 FREE NFTs will be sent to the owners with a remainder of 4000 NFT available for sale.

After phase 2 has sold out, we will increase our investment in marketing and continue with prize giveaways on a constant basis to our owners. Marketing will consist of new partnerships with celebrities either from the NFT world or not (you tubers, entrepreneurs, music stars etc) who share the same vision to come and attract more people to the VIP Club.

After phase 2, we will buy our base in the Metaverse to open our race track, this is where we will continue to progress on the block chain with our graphic and setting up our visual outcome on the soon to come 3D virtual horse racing's event.

The 3rd phase will be a final supply collection of 5000 High Quality NFTs with a few hidden extras along to way to make your NFT horse a thorough highbred champion. At this stage we should have the 3D virtual horse racing world completed and ready to race and bet in tokens. The horses you own from all of the collections will be participating in various races and prize money will be given out automatically to the winner so it really pays to get the best horse possible. The tokens for passive income will be decided later down the line.

When all phases have been completed, we expect to be established on the market and will continue with development of various games and tracks for the future in virtual development.

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