Frequently Asked Questions

Phase 1 is about the first club “Swaggy Stallion Collection”. It features a collection of 1000 unique and high quality 3D NFTs. More information about the following clubs ones the first one is sold out.

The first collection brings together 1000 high definition 3D horse NFTs. The second collection brings together 5000 high definition 3D horse NFTs. The third collection brings together 5000 high definition 3D horse NFTs. Total – 11000. All characters are stored as tokens on the polygon Blockchain.

This is to bring the clubs together to one big club. Unlike many NFT projects, we wanted to create a token where the holders can collect profits and make important decisions on the clubs future. We’ve envisioned a long-term strategy that will allow the collection to grow in value over time. As horses, lets ride to the finishing line together.

The Mint date will be announced on our Discord link located on the home page. 

You will need a metamask wallet. You can check out our tutorial on Discord.
Once you have successfully created a NFT Horse Club NFT, you can view it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea.

We use the Polygon Blockchain in order to save on gas fees and navigate easily around the system.

We take 10% royalties in order to develop the next phases and gift to our holders.

A team of passionate entrepreneurs that are ready to bring the future of horse racing to the Metaverse. You can discover us on Discord.
Yes, but you have to be committed to the club to be rewarded. We will announce all the rewards on Discord.
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