Here at the NFT Horse Club, we are really passionate about horse racing and we'd like to give back to the community surrounding all type of horses / Donkeys at Aston Springs Farm, Swallownest, UK.

Their Story is Below:

Opened up in 2013, Aston Springs Farm Trail

The Aston Springs Farm in swallownest, UK opened up in 2013 and provides a perfect opportunity to get out and about experiencing nature as well as life on the farm. Since this is close to Ryan (the founder) he thinks that Aston Springs Farm will benefit from the donations for a smaller charity.


Aston Springs Farm Trail in Swallownest, UK decided to set up in 2013 to look after disadvantaged animals which owners could no longer look after. They first started with a horse to look after and the Farm trail grew from there.


Aston Springs Farm have increased their animals and you will be greated by the popular meerkats, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles and aviary birds. In the fields they also have pigs, chickens, peacocks, sheep, goats, rheas, alpacas, llamas, red deer, Donkies, Ponies and Horses. Aston had been really hit with covid over the last few years and are struggling to get people back to the farm. The NFT Horse Club have decided to donate sums to Aston Springs Farm as they will really benefit with the money to improve their facilities and care for animals.

At the NFT Horse Club, we will be donating part of our royalities to Aston Springs Farm and will become a sponsorship for them soon.
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